About Droidden

Meg Davis

Ross Safford

Welcome to Droid Den.   As two friends that have shared an interest in Robotics since college,  we now have an interest in robotics in the home.   

Now that we're both out of school working and have homes,  we see how automation of mundane chores can improve the quality of peoples lives. Our goal is to share our knowledge in this area with the intent of increasing awareness of the exciting robot products that are out there.

We both decided to put together a website with some of the robots on the market today that help with simple but tedious tasks of cleaning your pool, mowing, and cleaning the floor.

As new technologies come out and automate even more in our life, we plan to review and recommend products that we think can help people in their everyday life.

Thanks for reading and we hope you find our reviews and tips on robotic home devices useful and that they give you more time to spend on things that you find are important in live!

Ross & Meg